let the journey begin!

Being a college student is exciting. It is a time in our lives where we form new relationships, explore a different city and learn more about our educational passions. Most importantly though, college is a time where we grow more fully into the person we are meant to be. Our values and beliefs are tested against the backdrop of reality and independence.

Through my own college experience, I have found that the Tri Delta sorority has created a supportive environment that pushes me to be the best that I can be. My sisters help me grow by encouraging me to be a strong, confident woman who makes a difference.

I strongly believe that the single most important aspect of Tri Delta is the women who make up the chapter. We all have our own passions and experiences. However, it is the sharing of these opportunities and the stories we tell one another that help open our minds to the wonders of the world. We are young, we are strong, we are confident. We can be anything and anyone we want to be. We can work at prestigious internships in Austin, we can raise money for our national philanthropy, we can create life-long relationships and we can travel. We can experience the world and the people it has to offer.

At the time of this writing, numerous Tri Delta women have gone off for a semester or a summer, and have traveled. They have immersed themselves in a new culture and have learned more about themselves in the process.

In this diary, I hope to capture this growth that the women of Tri Delta have experienced through their travels. I hope to gain insight into all the adventures, cultures, and landmarks that have opened up these women’s eyes to all that the world holds, and all that they can become.

But before I go into these stories, I first want to take my first post to briefly summarize my own travel experiences.

The summer before my freshman year, my sister and I took a two-week European adventure complete with stops to Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Paris. While in Barcelona, I got to experience the laid-back culture by sipping on Sangria with my sister in a small, local seafood restaurant. In Rome, I got to travel back in time to the period when crowds watched the fighting of brave and heroic gladiators. I also got to view my faith in a new light when I walked through the halls of the Vatican and saw antique paintings of Christ and his apostles. In Paris, I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where I got to conquer my fear of heights while viewing a beautiful and historical city from 906 feet above the ground. In all of these cities, I got to experience new opportunities, view new sites, eat new foods, and live a different culture.

My hope is that at some point during my college experience, I can once again travel to a different country. I want to have fun, meet new people and enjoy life. I want to take the lessons and virtues I have learned in Tri Delta and experience the world.

Jordan, Jolie and I showing our UT pride at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy in July 2012. (Photo: Paige Carter)

My twin sister, Jordan, and I at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France in July 2012. (Photo: Paige Carter)

Where do you want to travel to? Here is an article listing the “Top 100 Places to Visit Before You Die”. Ahh… I want to go everywhere!

Interested in study abroad yourself? Here is a Link to the UT Study Abroad website! Your dream trip awaits!

Some of my favorite travel quotes:

(Photo: Pinterest)

(Photo: Pinterest)

(Photo: Pinterest)

(Photo: Pinterest)


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